Camp Pendleton Convenience Stores

Sygnos, Inc. – Prime Subcontractor  

This project was a design-build Best Value delivery method and had an RFP schedule of 270 days.  It consisted of two buildings in two different locations at Camp Pendleton – Areas 22 and 53. 

 The building at Area 22 was a 600 sf structure adjacent to an active fueling filling station.  It included development of the primary electrical service as well as locating and developing the sewer connection.  The sewer was routed over 225 feet away to insure proper drainage.  Every effort was made to insure that the other commercial businesses in the area were not impacted during construction.

 The building in Area 53 included a coffee shop, a barber shop, a laundry, and a video arcade.  Split face CMU with a standing seam metal roof with skylights were incorporated into the design.  Street closures were coordinated to include the development of electric service, telephone, sanitary sewer, and water.  A GEO grid was installed under the building to stabilize the soil and insure a foundation that would support the building because an underground aquifer was discovered.  Design was completed in 3 months and construction, including absorbing 12 days of rain delays, was completed including punch-list items in 66 working days.  

This project was completed on time 4 months ahead of the RFP schedule with zero safety incidents or accidents.  


Camp Pendleton Water Storage Reservoirs

Sygnos, Inc. – Prime Subcontractor

 This project included the removal of two wooden water storage tanks (both of which were 90% recycled) at remote sites (Areas 22192 and 2615).  They were replaced with two 75,000-gallon state of the art glass fused to steel bolted tanks.  The removal and replacement of the tanks required rerouting of underground utilities and installation of a new foundation.  During design drainage and recent fire issues were accommodated and incorporated.

 Both tanks were delivered without incident or accident and well ahead of the owner’s RFP schedule.

 This project received the Small Project of the Year Award from Camp Pendleton for Safety.


Building 638  

Sygnos Inc. (Prime Subcontractor)


Building 638 is an addition to an existing masonry structure

The project was design build using Sygnos Inc. HVAC engineering.

Project was a exact copy of the building being added on to.

Project was designed with future expansion capability.

Project Schedule was 270 days Design and construct project team delivered this job 2 months ahead of schedule without change to the agreed upon scope.

A change order was added at the end of this project to improve drainage of the existing building and installing landscaping to the front of both buildings.

Project was a split face CMU exterior with a built up roof. Project has an exposure to the prevailing winds off of the Sea Side Point Loma.

Project was designed with a computer lapratory area and had computer air management systems.

  Project was designed in 10 weeks and the construction from break-ground to completion was 77 days with no punch list items.

 Project was completed on time 3 months ahead of the RFP schedule and consistent with all companies involved had zero safety incidents, accidents, and doctor cases.


MCAS Miramar, Hangar No. 1

Sygnos, Inc. – Prime Subcontractor 

This project was a design-build project with a 9-month design and construction schedule.  It consisted of the removal of 84,000 sf of hangar roof.  This effort included working 40 feet above the ground so a safety system was designed and 100% tie-off was required during the entire project.  The existing roof was a Haz Mat situation with the crews being in proper PPF at all times.  As a part of the agreement with the user of the facility, as existing roofing panels were removed the new roof was not more than 8 hours behind.  With this system the building was never exposed for more than 8 hours without roof cover.  Hangar users coordinated in quadrants with a very high focus on not allowing any debris near active runways.  During the 48 days of construction not a single complaint was received by the project staff for safety or debris violations.

 This project was delivered 4 months ahead of schedule with zero incidents or accidents.