Camp Pendleton Bleacher Covers

Sygnos, Inc.  – Prime Subcontractor


Four new pre-engineered metal bleacher covers were constructed at different locations across the Camp Pendleton campus.   These covers are used for soldier training.


North Island Naval Station, Building 653 -- Air Dryer Replacement

Sygnos, Inc. – Prime Subcontractor


Existing air dryers and piping were demolished and three Ingersoll Rand units and a 6000 SCFM Air Dryer were installed.  Installation included modifying the 10-inch air headers and a 3-inch cooling water supply and return piping. This project was completed in a total of 5 weeks from design approval to commissioning.


North Island Naval Station Cooling Tower

Sygnos, Inc. – Prime Subcontractor  

This design-build project at the Cooling Tower System, Building 76 consisted of adding new cooling tower pumps, VFD’s, utilities and DDC controls sized to handle an increased cooling load. The project was completed in 8 weeks from design approval to commissioning.


Pomona National Guard Paving

Sygnos, Inc. – Prime Subcontractor


This project required construction of a new 63,000 sf concrete parking lot.  An access road, erosion control catch basin for runoff water, parking lot lighting, sprinkler irrigation system, and an automated security gate system were installed. The parking lot will be used for the storage of government combat vehicles.